Schools Microscope Fund

The Schools Microscope Fund, previously AMFES, was founded to help provide schools with funding to purchase microscopes for their school.

The fund offers schools £25 per RMS approved microscope, for up to two per school.

RMS Approved Microscope

RMS Approved Primary School Microscope

Currently the only RMS Approved Microscope is the SciChem S-05 Stereo Microscope which is included in our Microscope Activity Kits. This easy to clean, lightweight microscope comes with its own battery powered in-built light source and offers a 20x magnification and is easy for children to focus.It also comes with a removable, reversible stage to allow both light and dark coloured samples to be easily distinguished.

Download the SciChem flyer to purchase your microscopes at a discount.

To obtain your reimbursement, please email Kate Wooding with a copy of your receipt.

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