Electron Microscopy Characterisation of Organic-Inorganic Interfaces

22 February 2016
Greater London

Scientific Organisers:  Dr. Nadezda V. Tarakina (QMUL), Dr. Roland Fleck (KCL), Dr. Andy Bushby (QMUL)

This brand-new meeting plans to combine the knowledge of life science and materials science microscopists in order to stimulate new interdisciplinary approaches for solving complex materials problems using the knowledge and expertise of both communities. The main focus of this meeting is hybrid materials that have organic and inorganic components (hybrid solar cells, bio-inspired composites, mineralized tissues, colloidal nanoparticles, etc.), where such an interdisciplinary approach is absolutely necessary to obtain a deep understanding of their functions and properties.

The workshop will consist of lectures from experts in both life science and material science electron microscopy and from technological/industrial partners covering a broad range of microscopy techniques (aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy, cryo-EM, FIB-SEM and TEM tomography, EELS, holography, etc.).

A trade exhibition and a poster session will provide great opportunities for discussions. We believe that this format will foster creative thinking and inspire new ideas and collaborations.

Online registration for this event has now closed.

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