ToScA North America

06 June 2017 - 08 June 2017
Austin, Texas

Chair: Dr Farah Ahmed (NHM, UK)

Co-chair: Dr Jessie Maisano (University of Texas at Austin)

For the first time, a ToScA symposium will take place in Austin, Texas, bringing together the North American tomography community. The meeting will be hosted by the University of Texas at Austin High-Resolution X-ray CT Facility (UTCT) and the Jackson School of Geosciences. 

Presentations will address hard and soft tissue imaging, understanding materials in 3D, recent advances in hardware and software, and a broad range of applications in tomography. 

As in the UK, this symposium will include pre-conference hands-on software workshops, keynote speakers, student talks and poster presentations, and an image competition. The meeting provides an opportunity for open discussions, networking with researchers and commercial industry representatives, and a platform to engage in collaborations.

Registration has now closed.

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