RMS Microscope Activity Kits and the Primary Science Teaching Trust

The Partnership for Primary School Science

In 2012, the RMS Microscope Activity Kit scheme partnered with the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT.) The long-term loan of a number of Microscope Activity Kits enables a collaborative approach between the two organisations for the benefit of science in Primary schools. Using its network of 150 college fellows who are award-winning primary school teachers, the PSTT is helping to extend the reach of the Microscope Activity Kits, train teachers and provide access to school and science events.

Salisbury Science Cluster Project

An example of the sustained impact of the Microscope Activity Kits upon developing primary science can be seen in the Salisbury area. A partnership between the PSTT and 36 local schools has led to the development of a network of 5 Science Clusters where groups of schools work together to develop science teaching. The RMS Microscope Activity Kits have bene a key part of the collaborative strategy; providing a unifying purpose for the project and the wow factor that the Kits always bring to both adults and children!

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