With many people across the scientific community now away from the lab during these uncertain times – and with meetings and other events on hold or going virtual, the RMS is keen to help the microscopical, cytometry and imaging communities continue to share its knowledge and expertise remotely.

Below is a list of useful courses, webinars, lectures and other online resources which we hope will be of interest to anyone looking for ways to stay busy and motivated. We would like to thank everyone who has been in touch to raise awareness of these opportunities, and we will endeavour to add new updates as we receive them.

To let us know about your online talk, please contact [email protected]

You could also get your hard work recognised by submitting to the Journal of Microscopy. It’s free, there's no page limit and submitting couldn't be easier.

Recorded Talks & Lectures

Lecture Material:

Live Streams


Continuously Updated Webinar Series:

One-off Webinar Series:


Software Special Offers


  • CytoU: CYTO U is now free around the world as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ISAC wants to make access to education as easy as possible during these difficult times. 
  • GraphPad Prism: free 30 day download
  • Huygens: Free temporary Software license (Huygens for Home) for your personal laptop or PC (Windows, Linux or Mac OS).
  • Imaris: image analysis software 
  • MATLAB Online MATLAB in the Cloud: If you need to access MATLAB and your data remotely, there are options available.
  • MBFBioscience: Offering free licensing for home use
  • Olympus: Offering Core users full trial licenses (30 days free) of CellSens for personal download
  • Photometrics: Remote learning seminars
  • Leica: 90 days to use their software - LAS X - free for home office
  • Arivis Vision 4D
  • Zeiss ZEN Blue 
  • Nikon - NIS-Elements AR package free offline license available until June 30 2020 to help researchers work from home with their data. Email [email protected]
  • Python Introduction: Jobtensor have built an online tool for learning Python
Other Online Resources