Crick Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (CALM)

The Crick Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (CALM) supports light microscopy and image analysis across diverse areas of research, including developmental biology, neuroscience, and cancer. We support imaging many different sample types, including cells cultured on glass, spheroids, organoids, tissue sections and explants, and model organisms including flies, fish, and worms. We train users in microscope use and give advice on experimental design and analysis. We also oversee the testing and procurement of equipment which we subsequently support though trouble-shooting, diagnostics, and liaison with commercial service engineers.


Imaging Platforms

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Live cell imaging | Confocal microscopy | Widefield microscopy

Zeiss LSM 710 Upright, Zeiss LSM 710 Invert, Zeiss LSM 780 Upright, Zeiss LSM 780 Multi-photon Invert, Zeiss LSM 880 Invert w/ AiryScan Fast, Leica TCS SP5 Invert, Leica TCS SP5 Multi-photon Upright, 2 x Nikon TE-2000-E, 2 x DeltaVision, PhaseFocus LiveCyte, 2 x Zeiss AxioImager, Leica MZFLIII Fluo w/ Camera, Zeiss SV-11 w/ Camera, Prairie Swept-Field, 2 x Olympus IX-83.

Sample Preparation

We provide advice and standard protocols.

Data Analysis

Keywords – Software: Imaris | FIJI | Volocity | Metamorph | Huygens

We have a dedicated Image analyst specialising in Fiji, and support software packages including: Fiji, Metamorph, Volocity, Imaris, SVI Huygens, and off-line packages associated with our confocal systems.

Shared Access

Our facility is not available for outside use; users must be based in the Francis Crick Institute.


The Francis Crick Institute is a registered charity. The bulk of our funding comes from CRUK, the MRC, and the Wellcome Trust. 2/3 of our groups are core funded. The remaining 1/3 of our groups are from our university partners (ICL, KCL, UCL) and funded through external mechanisms.

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