University of Brighton - Image and Analysis Unit

The Image and Analysis Unit is a Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences facility which provides microscopy expertise, training, support, and instrumentation for the teaching, research, and consultancy activities of the College of Life, Health and Physical Sciences within the University of Brighton.


Imaging Platforms

Keywords - Light Microscopy: Confocal microscopy | Live cell imaging | Atomic Force Microscopy

Keywords - Electron Microscopy: Scanning Transmission EM | Scanning EM (Tungsten) | Scanning EM (FEG) | Cryo-SEM | EDS

Zeiss SIGMA FEG-SEM Scanning Electron Microscope [FEG-SEM].
The FEG-SEM has secondary and back scattered electron detectors, a scanning transmission electron detector [STEM], an Oxford Instruments 80mm² X-Max energy dispersive X-ray analysis system [EDS], and a Quorum PP3000T Cryo-SEM system.

Zeiss EVO LS-15 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope [ESEM].
The EVO-SEM has secondary and back scattered electron detectors, an Oxford Instruments 80mm² X-Max energy dispersive X-ray analysis system [EDS], and an environmental ESEM chamber equipped with extended pressure, water vapour injection, and cold stage technologies.

Leica TCS SP5 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope [CLSM].
Digital Instruments Multimode and Dimensions Atomic Force Microscopes [AFM].
Nikon Eclipse TE2000-U Light-Fluorescence Microscope.
Nikon Eclipse ME600 light microscope.
Motic Stereo Microscope.
Data Physics OCA Contact Angle System.


Keywords - Biological: Cell Biology | Microbiology | Bio-materials

Keywords - Physical Sciences: Bioengineering & biomaterials | Nanomaterials | Geology/Mineralogy

The Image and Analysis Unit facilities and services have been employed in a diverse range of applications, including nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, medicines, medical devices, environmental samples, geological materials, and engineering components, for a variety of commercial and industrial clients, in addition to providing support for research and teaching at the University of Brighton.

Sample Preparation

Keywords - Biological: Metal coating | Live Cell

Quorum Q150T turbo molecular-pumped sputter coating system for SEM samples.

Quorum PP3000T Cryo-SEM sample preparation system.

Shared Access

The facilities are available to both internal and external user on a per hour rate charge basis.

We have extensive experience of delivering consultancy services to wide range of commercial clients.
Contact us for further details.

Enquiries for academic collaborations are welcomed.

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