Imaging ONEWORLD series

Scientific Organisers: Stefanie Reichelt, Alex Sossick, Nick Barry, Alessandro Esposito and Kirti Prakash

Imaging ONEWORLD covers topics including sample preparation, labelling strategies, experimental workflows, and ‘how-to’ image and analyse. The webinars examine inspiring new scientific ideas and facilitate collaborations, with speakers also available for questions and answers. The organisers, CRUK CI core facility staff, Gurdon Institute, MRC-LMB, MRC CU and NPL are also able to continue the discussion and provide advice on your imaging projects.

If you would like to speak at a future meeting in this series or have a suggestion for a speaker, please fill in the suggestion form.

For any questions in regards to the Imaging ONEWORLD series, please contact Jess Cole.

Series Schedule

You can register for an individual meeting by clicking on the corresponding link below. 

If you would like to sign up for the whole series, please register for the next occurence and select the 'Enrol for Whole Series' box during registration.

Upcoming Lectures

Please note, all meetings begin at 13:00 UK time.

Previous Lectures

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