2017 Public Outreach Events 

If you're running an Outreach event that you'd like to tell us about, do contact our Outreach Manager Kate Wooding.

Events from 2017

Festival of Innovation
7 October

2017 was the sixth annual Malvern Festival of Innovation and this year was a six day event, culminating in the Family Day show held in the Malvern Theatres on Saturday 7 October.  The RMS attended the Family Day which attracted 250 – 300 people and featured two guest speakers and a hands-on exhibition.  The exhibition gave children and their parents the opportunity to take a look at life through the microsope on the RMS stand.  They were amazed at how different things could look when examined under a microscope.

Wychwood Forest Fair
Ducklington, Oxfordshire
3 September

Jessica Marr Wychwood Festival

The RMS were pleased to be able to take part again in the Wychwood Forest Fair. Each year the modern fair, which tries to avoid much of the commercialisation of so many modern country shows, emphasises local environmental activities, revived rural skills and locally produced food.  The children attending the event were fascinated by what they could see down the microscope and were encouraged to take a leaflet to their school to apply for a Microscope Activity Kit.  The Wychwood Project is a registered charity that uses the focus of the Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood to encourage local people to understand, conserve and restore its rich mosaic of landscapes and wildlife habitats.


Lyme Regis Fossil Festival
27 - 30 April

For three days visitors to the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival in Dorset marvelled at items large and small under a variety of light microscopes including the RMS Activity Kit stereozoom and new Secondary School microscopes.  Outreach committee members were kept busy demonstrating items under the microscopes, explaining microscopy techniques and encouraging visitors to use the microscopes themselves.


14th Schools Science Conference
26 April

A few members of the Outreach and Education Committee attended the 14th Schools Science conference, aimed at Years 9-11, organised by science4u, held at the University of Westminster.  Two hundred children from local schools in the area were invited and visited the exhibition area throughout the day.

Rob Kesseler brought along a mixture of fresh organic material and other samples for examining on a dissection microscope.  The digital screen mounted on top of the microscope projected the image for a number of students to see.  The students also enjoyed using the hand held Dino-Lite microscope to examine their skin, a bee, and their eye amongst other things. 

Claire Wells ran a quiz using tissue slides.  Slides were projected onto a laptop screen using the kit camera, and groups of 2-5 students were asked to guess whether they were a kidney, bone, lung, pancreas, tongue or eye. 


Science Night
St Philip and James’ Primary School, Oxford
6 April

The aim of the evening was to engage the young scientists of the future and give them the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of different Science activities during the course of the evening.   The RMS attended the event with the Microscope Activity Kit, to let the children use the microscopes to see samples such as bugs, foam, flour and sugar. The event was well attended by interested and enthusiastic children who enjoyed looking at the prepared samples, and anything else they could fit under the microscope to look at!


Big Bang Science and Technology Fair
Leicester Grammar School
25 February

Our Outreach team took one of our Microscope Activity Kits to the Leicester Big Bang event. The stand was busy all day with children using the microscopes to look at a variety of bugs, seeds and packaging, as well as the inevitable makeshift samples of fingers and strands of hair!


Albany Theatre, Deptford
16 - 17 February

The organisers of the 2017 SMASHfest got in touch asking to borrow some microscopes for their huge science festival. Over 4000 children and adults visited over the 2 days and used our primary school microscopes to examine some huge bugs and beetles, making their long hairy legs and armoured shell visible to all. Mixing science with art, children were encouraged to look at the bugs through the microscope and draw what they could see, similar to Robert Hooke's Micrographia. This made the children go beyond the initial "Yuck" and "Ooh look at this!" that could be heard around the room, and really concentrate on what elements could be seen thanks to the microscope.


Fabulous Fossils goes Close Up
Banbury Museum
14 February

Over 100 children and their parents visited our joint exhibition with the Oxford Geology Trust at Banbury Museum where visitors were able to take a closer look at fossils under the microscope. Using microscopes from our Microscope Activity Kit, we invited attendees to take a step back in time and examine some of the amazing artefacts provided by the Geology Trust including ammonites and dinosaur teeth. We overheard one child saying that they felt like "a real dinosaur hunter!" The trust were also able to provide some really intriguing crystals that looked amazing under the microscope.


ASE 2017
University of Reading
4 - 7 January

A staple of the RMS Outreach calendar, we returned to the Association for Science Education's annual conference in Reading with our primary and secondary microscopes and information on our activities. We spoke to a number of attendees about the secondary school microscope and demonstrated the ease of use of our RMS-Approved primary school microscope with a wide selection of samples. 

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