Oxfordshire Science Festival 2014

Science in Your World, Bonn Square, Oxford, 8 March

Science in Your World was a free science fair open to anyone who wanted to have a go. We had lots of hands-on activities for people to explore from the Microscope Activity Kits.

Wow! How? Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, 15 March

This free hands-on family science fair filled the museums with exciting activities and experiments. Vistors young and old, were able to make, test, explore and explode. Dr Yan Wong of Bang Goes the Theory was there too!

ATOM! Official closing event of the 2014 Festival, Abingdon Market Square, 20-22 March

ATOM was a celebration of science and technology. Bringing together many of the cutting edge sceince and technology organisations in the region, with some of the sharpest minds in the country for an extravanganza of science entertainment and intrigue!

There were fascinating talks from Jim Al-Khalili (A life Scientifique, BBC Radio 4,) Robin Ince (Radio 4 Infinite Monkey Cage) and Professors Frank Close and Jocelyn Bell-Burnell.

The RMS took part in the fun hands-on science event in Abingdon Market Square, giving out freebies and encouraging people to explore the hidden world under the microscope!

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