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About the series

This initiative is a collaborative undertaking by three international Microscopy Societies (the Microscopical Society of Canada, the Israel Society for Microscopy and the Royal Microscopical Society, UK) and it is supported also by the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy (IFSM).  This initiative has been developed as an international networking platform for expanding knowledge, sharing new developments, and exchanging best practices related to microscopy.  Our first joint project is a webinar series featuring microscopists who have defined the field of modern microscopy by their groundbreaking work.  These webinars are designed to adapt to the current limitations on personal interactions.  Webinar content is open to all members of all national societies for microscopy, and new members are encouraged to join our quest to promote and expand excellent microscopy worldwide.  Additionally, unaffiliated microscopists can be invited by society members to the webinars.  The wide time-zone range of our sister societies prohibits an exclusively synchronous webinar format.  Webinars will take place within the working hour bracket of the speaker and the host (who are not necessarily located within the same time zone themselves).  To nevertheless render a synchronous ambiance, questions from attendees will be collected by the host for two days after the webinar, and the speaker’s answers will be made available for viewing and downloading within a week or so after the webinar.  As an additional feature, a brief recorded video interview with the guest speaker will be released online with the webinar announcement. Looking forward to having you join us.

The lecture series will begin on 5 October 2021. Please register your interest to be notified when booking is open.

Scientific Organising Committee

Lead organisers

Dr Natalie Reznikov

8 May 2021

McGill University, Canada
Natalie received her PhD in 2014 from the Weizmann Institute of Science in the Department of Structural Biology (Israel). Her interest in bone – an archetypal, hierarchical material of high complexity – shaped her professional expertise in 3D imaging using electron microscopy and X-ray tomography. In 2018-2020 she worked as an applications specialist with a Montreal-based IT company (Object Research Systems Inc, ORS) that produces the software Dragonfly for multimodal imaging and image analysis. In her current capacity of an Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering, McGill University (Canada), Natalie’s research interests are the following: i) Structural water and its role in the architecture and mechanical behavior of natural and engineered materials; ii) Pre-stress in natural materials, and its implementation in biomimetic materials; iii) Structure-function relationships in living organisms (animals and plants); iv) Biomineralization; v) 3D-imaging, and deep learning in image processing.

Professor Grace Burke

RMS President

University of Manchester
Grace joined the University of Manchester as Director of the interdisciplinary Materials Research Centre and Professor of Materials Performance in the School of Materials in September, 2011.  She was also Director of the Electron Microscopy Centre from 2012 through 2016. Grace is a physical metallurgist for whom microstructural characterisation has always represented an integral and fundamental component of research into materials performance.  She obtained her BS in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, and her PhD in Metallurgy from Imperial College of Science and Technology where her SCC research work included analytical, high voltage and in situ electron microscopy.  Grace then joined the US Steel Research Laboratory where she conducted research on ferrous alloys including the use of atom probe field-ion microscopy as a complementary technique to AEM in the investigation of commercially important materials.

Subsequently, Grace joined the Westinghouse Science & Technology Centre where she applied of combinations of AEM and APFIM techniques to a broader range of nuclear and power generation materials.  In 1994 she joined the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in order to focus her research on the environment-sensitive behaviour of engineering alloys in nuclear reactors, and, in 2009, was the first woman to be promoted to the highest scientific position, Consultant.

Since joining Manchester, Grace has continued her to employ her established portfolio of advanced techniques to address a range of materials issues, returning to utilize in situ TEM  to now investigate precursor reactions of material degradation liquids and gases.  Grace was the 2005 President of the Microscopy Society of America and has been a Fellow of RMS since 1988. She is also a Fellow of ASM International, the Microscopy Society of America, the Microanalysis Society, IOM3 (UK), and TMS (USA).

Professor Roland Kröger

Engineering & Physical Sciences Section Chair

University of York
Roland is a Professor at the Department of Physics at the University of York concentrating on Nano- and Biomaterials using electron microscopy as well as various spectroscopy tools including Raman microscopy and X-ray techniques. He obtained his PhD from the University of Hamburg/Germany and the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Science and Technology in Braunschweig/Germany. Roland has since built a large expertise in Materials Physics and Materials Science covering diamond thin films, metal/semiconductor nanostructures, nitride based light-emitting devices, metal nanoparticles for biomedical applications and biominerals using focused ion beam as a key method for sample preparation and analysis. Besides his interest in multi-lengthscale material characterization in 3D he is particularly focussing on in situ techniques to study mineralisation processes in liquid environments. 

Organising Committee




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Lead Organising Committee

Natalie Reznikov
(McGill University, MSC)

Roland Kroeger
(University of York, RMS)

Grace Burke
(The University of Manchester)

Organising Committee

Maureen Lagos & Raynald Gauvin
(Microscopy Society of Canada)

Yaron Kauffmann, Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri,
Lothar Houben, Assaf Gal &
Tali Dadosh
(The Israel Society for Microscopy)

Paul Verkade
(Royal Microscopical Society)



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