The International Microscopy Focus Lecture Series

Royal Microscopical Society

The Israel Society for Microscopy
Microscopical Society of Canada



International Federation of Socities for Microscopy


About the series

This initiative is a collaborative undertaking by three international Microscopy Societies (the Microscopical Society of Canada, the Israel Society for Microscopy and the Royal Microscopical Society, UK) and it is supported also by the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy (IFSM).  This initiative has been developed as an international networking platform for expanding knowledge, sharing new developments, and exchanging best practices related to microscopy.  Our first joint project is a webinar series featuring microscopists who have defined the field of modern microscopy by their groundbreaking work.  These webinars are designed to adapt to the current limitations on personal interactions.  Webinar content is open to all members of all national societies for microscopy, and new members are encouraged to join our quest to promote and expand excellent microscopy worldwide.  Additionally, unaffiliated microscopists can be invited by society members to the webinars.  The wide time-zone range of our sister societies prohibits an exclusively synchronous webinar format.  Webinars will take place within the working hour bracket of the speaker and the host (who are not necessarily located within the same time zone themselves).  To nevertheless render a synchronous ambiance, questions from attendees will be collected by the host for two days after the webinar, and the speaker’s answers will be made available for viewing and downloading within a week or so after the webinar.  As an additional feature, a brief recorded video interview with the guest speaker will be released online with the webinar announcement. Looking forward to having you join us.

The lecture series will begin on 5 October 2021. Please register your interest to be notified when booking is open.

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Lead Organising Committee

Natalie Reznikov
(McGill University, MSC)

Roland Kroeger
(University of York, RMS)

Grace Burke
(The University of Manchester)

Organising Committee

Maureen Lagos & Raynald Gauvin
(Microscopy Society of Canada)

Amit Kohn, Assaf Gal & Tali Dadosh
(The Israel Society for Microscopy)

Paul Verkade
(Royal Microscopical Society)



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