Established in 2013 ToScA, Tomography for Scientific Advancement, was founded by Dr Farah Ahmed, Natural History Museum to provide an annual meeting dedicated to those using tomography, filling a gap that had become apparent for users of this rapidly emerging technique.

By focussing on the technique rather than a field of research, ToScA presents huge opportunities for cross-disciplinary networking and is a great meeting for students to both present their work and gain a huge amount of insight and knowledge.

Through its annual meetings, ToScA has brought together a community of both researchers and commercial representatives who are able to discuss and collaborate both at the meeting and back in the workplace. To further this, in 2016 RMS | ToScA membership was created to solidify this network of users and offer members benefits and discounts on the annual meetings.

For the first time in 2017, ToScA hosted a meeting in Texas, USA, allowing the community to become even more international and bring together a larger audience of users.
The 2018 UK and Europe ToScA Meeting will take place at the University of Warwick from 10 - 12 September 2018.

Future ToScA Meetings

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Previous ToScA Meetings


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