01 May 2022

Download the May 2022 Calendar Image

A new image is online now

Why not download a new scientific image to have as your wallpaper or desktop during April. Included on the image is a calendar so you can keep track of the month. Each month you can have a new scientific image as your computer wallpaper or desktop.

Or if you'd prefer you can download:

All the images used were submitted to our annual calendar image competition, congratulations to those selected. 

The image selected for May is:

Cryo-SEM micrograph of a fractured Tomato Leaf (mesophyll)
Micrograph shows the inner tissue cells (parenchyma) containing the chloroplast organelle sites for photosynthesis, the upper epidermis and the trichome epidermal site cells for microbial aphid and pest protection. (Hitachi SU8230 FE SEM with Quorum PP3010 prep-stage)
Dr Mark Taylor, Quorum Technologies

Download the image in the dimension format which best fits your screen; 4:316:9 or 16:10.

May 2022 News.jpg