31 Oct 2023

Flow Cytometry Section AGM taking place as part of Flowcytometry UK 2023

Annual meeting open to all attending FlowcytometryUK 2023 (16 November)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the RMS Flow Cytometry Section is taking place during FlowcytometryUK 2023, at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK (16 November)

The meeting, which begins at 1.30pm, is open to all attendees, whether RMS members or non-members.

The RMS Flow Cytometry Committee is made up from a cross section of cytometrists representing research, clinical and industrial aspects of flow cytometry. It acts as a point of contact for information and advice, supporting the flow cytometry community with a series of educational and scientific meetings and activities throughout the year.

The flowcytometryUK 2023 Meeting will take place in person and will highlight the diverse areas in which cytometry is a vital resource. There will be scientific presentations from a number of speakers covering immunology, marine biology, extracellular vesicles and other important research areas. Talks will be interspersed with commercial flash presentations. 

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