10 Dec 2021

God Bless the Microscope! - History of the RMS available to download

Read Gerard L'E Turner's superb historical work, first published in 1989

The definitive account of the first 150 years of RMS history is now available to download.

Written by the late Gerard L'E Turner, RMS President from 1974-75, God Bless the Microscope! was first published in 1989.

Beautifully written and illustrated, the book charts the development of the RMS from its origins as "The Microscopical Society of London" in 1839, through to the late 20th Century. The text covers all the key milestones in RMS History and brings to life some of the most important figures - and colourful characters - responsible for shaping the work of the Society over the decades.

Download the pdf version here

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