8 Nov 2023

Register now for SEMT One Day Meeting 2023!

Join this great forum for ideas on techniques and applications in microscopy

Registration is now officially open for the annual SEMT (Society of Electron Microscope Technology) one-day meeting at the Natural History Museum (13 December 2023).

The SEMT was founded in 1970 as a forum for the exchange of ideas on techniques and applications in microscopy. It has expanded to become one of the foremost user groups in the country, addressing all aspects of microscopy from instrument design and specimen preparation to digital image acquisition.

The annual meeting features invited speakers and trade stands, facilitating contact, consultation and discussion between members, including instrument manufacturers and microscope users.

Register now for SEMT One Day Meeting 2023

Taking place once again as part of the one-day meeting is The RMS Beginners' Competition.

The competition, which is always a highlight of the event, is aimed at students, interns, apprentices and faculty staff looking to boost their public speaking experience.

Entrants deliver a short talk relating to any form of microscopy, and take questions from the audience - all within a 10-minute slot. The competition is the perfect opportunity for student microscopists with limited experience of public speaking to hone their presentation skills and build confidence.

Anyone interested in entering should send an e-mail to Ken Mingard or Alex Ball as soon as possible. Places are awarded on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Email: ken.mingard@npl.co.uk or a.ball@nhm.ac.uk