5 Jul 2022

RMS launches exciting new Mentoring project!

Applications now open for Personal Mentoring and Application Coaching schemes

The RMS has officially launched a pilot mentoring scheme which aims to support all members of the Society at every career level (junior or senior, scientific and technical).

The project, unveiled today at Frontiers in Bioimaging 2022 in Birmingham, has been developed by a working group within the RMS Professional Development and Training Focussed Interest Group (PTD-FIG). It was recognised that while a variety of mentorship schemes exist within home institutions and workplaces, the pool of mentors that specialise in microscopy-based skills can be quite limited.

In addition, the unique position of facility scientists and managers means that mentors able to provide guidance on career development and day-to-day running of a facility are often lacking entirely. As such the RMS is uniquely placed to facilitate a scheme for microscopists, by microscopists.

Two tracks of the pilot scheme will run for 12 months:

  • Application Coaching - pairing up with an expert in the technique or software you are learning
  • Personal Mentoring – pairing up with a mentor offering input into microscopy, imaging and flow cytometry career development.

The Personal Mentoring track will tackle ‘soft skill’ development while the Application Coaching track will be aimed at developing ‘hard/technical’ skills. Both are aimed at peer-to-peer support, and it is hoped that both mentees and mentors can benefit from the relationship, finding it rewarding and useful for career development.

Applications for both mentees and mentors are open until 30 September 2022.

Find out more and apply now!