RMS Phone Wallpaper

Bring microscopy to your phone with wallpaper versions of our 2022 calendar. 

How to download

1. Click on your favourite photo to download it
2. On your phone? Tap and hold, then add to photos
3. On your computer? Right click to save then send to your phone
4. Open your phone's settings to add it as a wallpaper

Crystals of Urea
by Michael R. Gibson, Northamptonshire Natural History Socety & the Quekett Microscopical Club

Pine Stem
by Jose Manuel Martinez Lopez, Quimica Tech

Cryo-SEM micrograph of a fractured Tomato Leaf (mesophyll).
by Dr Mark Taylor, Quorum Technologies

Troctolite Gabbro - Isle of Rum
by Pamela Campbell, University of Glasgow | www.Pamela.Campbell.scot

The wings of a Phoridae fly
by Andrei Savitsky


by Zuzana Novakova, TELIGHT

Fly head
by Trevor Groves, Lambda Photometrics Ltd

PEARL-fect membrane
by Stephanie Ribet, Northwestern University

Tarsus of Spider Orsolobus sp.
by Jeremy Poole, Postal Microscopical Society

Cubed in
by Digital Surf & JEOL (Europe) SAS, Digital Surf

Micro Blooms
by Elmira Rafatmah, Shiraz University (The micrograph is edited with cooperation of Afrooz Rafatmah)

Don't Stress Me Out
by Jordan Murray, University of Strathclyde

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