Imaging ONEWORLD - Matthew Hartley

Scientific Organisers: Stefanie Reichelt, Alex Sossick, Nick Barry, Alessandro Esposito and Kirti Prakash

The meeting will begin at 13:00 GMT.

As part of the 'Imaging ONEWORLD' series, the focus of these lectures is on microscopy and image analysis methods and how to apply these to your research. Almost all aspects of imaging such as sample preparation, labelling strategies, experimental workflows, ‘how-to’ image and analyse, as well as facilitating collaborations and inspiring new scientific ideas will be covered. Speakers will be available for questions and answers. The organisers, CRUK CI core facility staff, Gurdon Institute, MRC-LMB, MRC Cancer Unit and NPL will be able to continue the discussion and provide advice on your imaging projects.


  • Dr. Matthew Hartley

    Team Leader for the BioImage Archive, EMBL-EBI

    Matthew is Team Leader for the BioImage Archive, EMBL-EBI's cross-modality resource for life sciences microscopy data. Prior to joining EMBL-EBI, Matthew was Head of Informatics at the John Innes Centre. Matthew's background is in biological image analysis, numerical and statistical modelling, and scientific data infrastructure.



Open access to data underpinning published results is a key pillar of scientific reproducibility. Making data available at scale also provides opportunities for data reuse, encouraging the development of new analysis approaches. In this talk, I’ll explain the benefits of publicly archiving your image data alongside your published manuscripts, as well as highlight what resources are available to do this. This will include the BioImage Archive, EMBL-EBI’s new resource for biological image data. We’ll look at how image data submission works, how to prepare in advance and upcoming developments.