10 March 2016 Issue 41

Isotropic 3D Imaging over Large Volumes with Axially Swept Light-Sheet Microscopy

The authors detail the study of biomedically important phenomena within physiological three-dimensional microenvironments.

DOI: 10.22443/rms.inf.1.134

Dean and Fiolka have developed a SPIM imaging technique, referred to as Axially Swept Light-Sheet Microscopy (ASLM), that enables high-resolution isotropic imaging of cellular processes within large and experimentally tractable 3D microenvironments.  ASLM uses aberration-free remote focusing to scan a laser line focus (i.e., a narrow sheet of light) in its propagation direction synchronously with a rolling active-pixel array on a scientific CMOS camera.

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Written by

Kevin M. Dean


Reto Fiolka

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