6 September 2016 Issue 43

Multiscale visualisation of tooth-periodontal ligament-bone fibrous joint function

This article examines how in situ loading coupled with X-ray microscopy enables visualisation of internal structures of intact joints under physiological loading conditions.

DOI: 10.22443/rms.inf.1.140

X-ray imaging of the tooth-periodontal ligament (PDL)-bone fibrous joint, complemented with electron and light microscopy techniques, were used to provide insights into (1) the “functional osseointegration” aspect, should the tooth be replaced with an implant to regain chewing function, and (2) the role of softer vascular components within the ligament toward the regenerative
potential of the PDL.

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Written by

Lynn Yang


Andrew T. Jang


Jeremy D. Lin


Sunita P. Ho

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