6 December 2020 Issue 60

The Microscopists: Have you checked out the ‘Godfather’ of all podcasts?

With a raft of ground-breaking discoveries, publications and high-profile conference appearances, today’s leading scientific figures might be familiar faces across the microscopy community. But what makes these great minds tick? What pearls of wisdom might they be able to offer the rest of us? And – perhaps most revealingly - what do these characters get up to in their spare time?

DOI: 10.22443/rms.inf.1.193

While pondering these questions with colleagues, RMS Vice President Peter O’Toole hit upon an idea for a podcast featuring some of the world’s most celebrated names at the forefront of microscopy. With a little help from his friends, and a cheeky nod to Francis Ford Copella’s famous Godfather movies, The Microscopists was born.

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Written by

Owen Morton

Publications Co-Ordinator

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