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A guided tour into subcellular colocalization analysis in light microscopy

S Bolte and F P Cordelières

First published online 20 Dec 2006

Surpassing the lateral resolution limit by a factor of two using structured illumination microscopy

M G L Gustafsson

First published online May 2000

Two-photon fluorescence absorption and emission spectra of dyes relevant for cell imaging

F Bestvater, E Spiess, G Stobrawa, M Hacker, T Feurer, T Porwol, U Berchner-Pfannschmidt, C Wotzlaw and H. Acker

8 November 2002

Review of free software tools for image analysis of fluorescence cell micrographs

V Wiesmann, D Franz, C Held, C Münzenmayer, R Palmisano and T Wittenberg

First published online 31 October 2014

Optical coherence tomography

A Gh Podoleanu

First published online 18 June 2012

Fluorescence lifetime imaging - techniques and applications

W Becker

First published online 24 May 2012

Two-photon excitation and emission spectra of the green fluorescent protein variants ECFP, EGFP and EYFP

E Spiess, F Bestvater, A Heckel-Pompey, K Toth, M Hacker, G Stobrawa, T Feurer, C Wotzlaw, U Berchner-Pfannschmidt, T Porwol and H Acker

First published online 22 February 2005

Multiphoton microscopy in life sciences

K König

First published online November 2000

Simultaneous phase and amplitude extraction from a single defocused image of a homogeneous object

D Paganin, S C Mayo, T E Gureyev, P R Miller and S W Wilkins

First published online April 2002

Developing 3D SEM in a broad biological context

A Kremer, S Lippens, S Bartunkova, B Asselbergh, C Blanpain, M Fendrych, A Goossens, M Holt, S Janssens, M Krols, J-C Larsimont, C McGuire, M K Nowack, X Saelens, A Schertel, B Schepens, M Slezak, V Timmerman, C Theunis, R Van Brempt, Y Visser and C J Guérin

First published online 26 January 2015


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