Journal of Microscopy Most Cited Articles, 2016 - 2017

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Correlation of two-photon in vivo imaging and FIB/SEM microscopy
Blazquez-Llorca, L.; Hummel, E.; Zimmerman, H.; Zou, C.; Burgold, S.; Rietdorf, J.; Herms, J.,
Volume: 259 Issue: 2, Pages: 129 -136, August 2015

Combining quantitative 2D and 3D image analysis in the serial block face SEM: application to secretory organelles of pancreatic islet cells
Shomorony, A.; Pfeifer, C. R.; Aronova, M. A.; Zhang, G.; Cai, T.; Xu, H.; Notkins, A. L.; Leapman, R. D.
Volume: 259 Issue: 2, Pages: 155-164, August 2015

A combined light sheet fluorescence and differential interference contrast microscope for live imaging of multicellular specimens
Baker, R. P.; Taormina, M. J.; Jemielita, M.; Parthasarathy, R.,
Volume: 258 Issue: 2, Pages: 105-122, May 2015

Investigation of C3S hydration by environmental scanning electron microscope
Sakalli, Y.; Trettin, R.
Volume: 259 Issue: 1, Pages: 53-58, July 2015

3D imaging of cement-based materials at submicron resolution by combining laser scanning confocal microscopy with serial sectioning
Yio, M. H. N.; Mac, M. J.; Wong, H. S.; Buenfeld, N. R.
Volume: 258 Issue: 2, Pages: 151-169, May 2015

Preserving elemental content in adherent mammalian cells for analysis by synchrotron-based x-ray fluorescence microscopy
Jin, Qiaoling; Paunesku, Tatjana; Lai, Barry; Gleber, Sophie-charlotte; Chen, Si; Finney, Lydia; Vine, David; Vogt, Stefan; Woloschak, Gayle; Jacobsen, Chris
Volume: 265 Issue: 1, Pages: 81-93, January 2017

Real-space observation of strong metal-support interaction: state-of-the-art and what's the next
Shi, X. Y.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, C.; Zheng, W. T.; Chen, H.; Qi, J. G.
Volume: 262 Issue: 3, Pages: 203-215, June 2016

Self-consistent method for quantifying indium content from X-ray spectra of thick compound semiconductor specimens in a transmission electron microscope
Walther, T.; Wang, X.
Volume: 262 Issue: 2 (Special Issue) Pages: 151-156, May 2016

Fractal features and surface micromorphology of diamond nanocrystals
Talu, S.; Bramowicz, M.; Kulesza, S.; Ghaderi, A.; Dalouji, V.; Solaymani, S.; Kenari, M. Fathi; Ghoranneviss, M.
Volume: 264 Issue: 2, Pages: 143-152, November 2016

Comparison of three-dimensional analysis and stereological techniques for quantifying lithium-ion battery electrode microstructures
Taiwo, Oluwadamilola O.; Finegan, Donal P.; Eastwood, David S.; Fife, Julie L.; Brown, Leon D.; Darr, Jawwad A.; Lee, Peter D.; Brett, Daniel J. L.; Shearing, Paul R.
Volume: 263 Issue: 3, Pages: 280-292, September 2016

Structural stress responses and degradation of dictyosomes in algae analysed by TEM and FIB-SEM tomography
Lütz-Meindl, U.; Luckner, M.; Andosch, A.; Wanner, G.
Volume: 263 Issue: 2 (Special Issue) Pages: 129-141, August 2016

Detection of tubule boundaries based on circular shortest path and polar-transformation of arbitrary shapes
Su, R.; Zhang, C.; Pham, T. D.; Davey, R.; Bischof, L.; Vallotton, P.; Lovell, D.; Hope, S.; Schmoelzl, S.; Sun, C.
Volume: 264 Issue: 2, Pages: 127-142, November 2016

A new microscopic method to analyse desiccation-induced volume changes in aeroterrestrial green algae
Lajos, K.; Mayr, S.; Buchner, O.; Blaas, K.; Holzinger, A.
Volume: 263 Issue: 2 (Special Issue) Pages: 192-199, August 2016

Localization of spots in FISH images of breast cancer using 3-D shape analysis
Les, T.; Markiewicz, T.; Osowski, S.; Jesiotr, M.; Kozlowski, W.
Volume: 262 Issue: 3, Pages: 252-259, June 2016

Performance evaluation of a sensorless adaptive optics multiphoton microscope
Skorsetz, Martin; Artal, Pablo; Bueno, Juan M.
Volume: 261 Issue: 3, Pages: 249-258, March 2016

Super-aperture metrology: overcoming a fundamental limit in imaging smooth highly curved surfaces
Liu, J.; Liu, C.; Tan, J.; Yang, B.; Wilson, T.
Volume: 261 Issue: 3, Pages: 300-306, March 2016

ScatterJ: An ImageJ plugin for the evaluation of analytical microscopy datasets
Zeitvogel, F.; Schmid, G.; Hao, L.; Ingino, P.; Obst, M.
Volume: 261 Issue: 2, Pages: 148-156, February 2016


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