Donation of microscope ‘will save lives’ at Ugandan clinic tackling malaria

Instrument will be used to screen blood samples for deadly parasite

A visit to the RMS Learning Zone at mmc2019 led to the donation of a much-needed microscope to a remote African health clinic.

Dr Pat Trimby of Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis dropped in and got chatting with RMS volunteers Chris Hammond and Peter Evennett.

He explained how his 15-year-old daughter Fiona was currently on a school-organised expedition to help with a number of charities in Gulu, Northern Uganda, and asked how he might get hold of a second-hand compound microscope which was urgently needed at a local clinic to screen blood samples for malaria.

Pat said: “Peter contacted me the day after MMC to say that he had an old Olympus that would be ideal and, amazingly, his home was about three miles away from where my son was playing cricket that evening - perhaps it was fate! To help to find a microscope in such a short time scale is quite incredible and is a great credit to everyone involved.”

He added: “I picked up the microscope and passed it on to the school group and, over the next weekend, they presented it to the nurses at the clinic. I have written to Chris and Peter to thank them personally, and I know that the workers at the clinic and the local community are incredibly grateful – this donation really will save lives.”


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