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All the images used were submitted to our annual calendar image competition. The image selected for May is shown in the header above, it is:

Keep Your Eyes on Me

Surface of the compound eye of a relict insect (Cocles sp.) from Madagascar. Males use their enlarged eyes to locate females while flying at night. The specimen was sputter-coated and observed in a scanning electron microscope. (Jeol Neoscope JCM-5000, JEOL, Ltd. (Nikon Metrology UK Ltd) at 15 kV high vacuum, following specimen coating for 150 s at 18 mA with gold/palladium (Quorum Technologies SC7620), giving a coating of 12.5 nm)

by Leonidas-Romanos Davranoglou, University of Oxford
Sponsored by Quorum

Download the image in the dimension format which best fits your screen; 4:316:9 or 16:10.

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