Download the October 2020 digital calendar

A new image is available

Why not download a new scientific image to have as your wallpaper or desktop during October. Included on the image is a calendar so you can keep track of what's going on this month.

All the images used were submitted to our annual calendar image competition. The image selected for October is:

An Al3Sc particle act as nucleation site for the Al grain
The SEM image shows an in-situ formed Al3Sc particle sitting at the centre of an Al grain, indicating that this Al3Sc particle acted as nucleation site for the Al grain during solidification of the Al alloy. Moreover, some details about the in-situ growth of this Al3Sc particle during solidification can also be noticed. (Equipment used: Zeiss Crossbeam 340)
by Feng Wang, Brunel University London

Download the image in the dimension format which best fits your screen; 4:316:9 or 16:10.

Or if you'd prefer you can download:

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