Download the October 2021 Digital Calendar

This month's image is a beautiful mess!

Our 2021 Digital Calendar image for October is now available to download!

Why not make this latest image your computer wallpaper or desktop? Or if you'd prefer you can download:


Details of this month's image are as follows:

Image of a blood platelet entangled in silk fibers obtained for a study on the interaction of biological samples and fiber materials. The image has been colorized using MountainsSEM® software. (JEOL JSM-6490LV SEM and MountainsSEM® Software) It was acquired by Simone Lauciello from the Italian Institute of Technology in collaboration with Giovanni Perotto from Smart Materials group. 
Digital Surf/S. Lauciello

Download the image in the dimension format which best fits your screen; 4:316:9 or 16:10.

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