Sad news of death of RMS Hon Fellow Dr Shinya Inoué

World-renowned cell biologist broke new ground in his field

The RMS was deeply saddened to learn of the death of one of its Honorary Fellows, Dr Shinya Inoué, at the age of 98.

A towering figure in the world of microscopy, Dr Inoué developed an international reputation as a groundbreaking cell biologist and microscopist, obtaining patents for specialised microscope optics that allowed scientists to see processes in living cells that no one had seen before.

He continued this throughout his career, perhaps most notably when he pioneered the field of video microscopy, a revolutionary advance that ushered in a new era in biological research. His book, Video Microscopy, became the standard reference for the field.

Among his many achievements and scientific awards, in 2003 Dr Inoué received the International Prize For Biology from the Emperor of Japan - one of the highest honours awarded to natural scientists. In spite of such acclaim, he remained humble, always encouraging and helping others.

Based in the United States, Dr Inoué worked well into his 80s at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. In 2016, he published his autobiography, Pathways of a Cell Biologist

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