elmi2018 Organising Committee

Meet the group who will be planning the scientific programme for elmi2018

The elmi2018 scientific organising committee is a mixture of eminent light microscopists from the host country of Ireland and further afield in Europe. The committee have already set the session titles for the programme as a whole and are now busy inviting experts in each of these areas to speak during the conference.
Abstract submission is set to open in October and our committee are looking forward to seeing the research that could be joining these experts in Dublin next June.

Dr Dimitri Scholz, University College Dublin

The founder and head of the Imaging facility at UCD. His research interests belong to pushing frontiers of microscopy for cell biology, developing of new microscopical tools, systems and approaches.             

Dr Peter O'Toole, University of York

Peter O'Toole heads the Imaging and Cytometry Labs within the Technology Facility at the University of York which includes an array of confocal microscopes, flow cytometers and electron microscopes.

Dr Sebastian Munck, VIB

Sebastian is the Manager of LiMoNe & The Leuven Bio Imaging Core where their research focuses on the biophysical properties of cell signalling, concerning both the dynamical changes over time and the spatial location of cell signals.

Dr Susan Cox, King's College London

Susan is a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Randall Division of Biophysics at King's College London where her current primary interest is the development of new super-resolution localisation microscopy techniques, both through the development of optical systems and the creation of novel image analysis algorithms.

Dr Heinz Peter Nasheuer, NUI Galway

His research interests are mechanisms of cell cycle control and initiation of DNA replication using biochemical and microscopy techniques. Additionally he is analysing protein-protein interactions in living cells using advanced microscopy.       

Prof. Martin Leahy, NUI Galway

Martin Leahy is the professor of applied physics at NUI Galway as well as a serial entrepreneur in biophotonics and energy. His main research interest is in the advancement of existing technologies such as laser Doppler and laser speckle as well as the development of new modalities such as TiVi and cmOCT for 2D, 3D and 4D imaging of the microcirculation

Prof. Jeremy Simpson, University College Dublin

Jeremy Simpson is the Full Professor of Cell Biology at University College Dublin. His lab applies automated high-content screening microscopy to understand the regulation of membrane traffic pathways in mammalian cells.

Dr. Dunja Skoko, Trinity College Dublin

Dunja Skoko is a single molecule biophysicist based at SiriusXT, Dublin. Dunja is involved in the design of world’s first lab based soft X ray microscope and is developing a cryo–microscopy system for correlative cryo-fluorescence microscopy in collaboration with Conway Institute and UCD.

Dr Oliver Blacque, University College Dublin

Oliver is currently a Principal Investigator at the Conway Institute. Much of his work is conducted using the C. elegans nematode model, combining genetics and in vivo imaging approaches such as live intracellular transport assays and super resolution microscopy

Prof Gail McConnell, University of Strathclyde

Gail McConnell is Chair of Biophotonics at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Strathclyde. The work in Gail’s group involves the design, development and application of linear and nonlinear optical instrumentation for biomedical imaging, from the nanoscale to the whole organism.

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