Gert Van Isterdael receives RMS Award for Flow Cytometry

Head of VIB Flow Core receives award during virtual FlowcytometryUK 2021

The RMS was delighted to present Gert Van Isterdael with the Society's Award for Flow Cytometry during the second day of FlowcytometryUK 2021, being held virtually this year.

The aim of the award is to celebrate and mark outstanding scientific achievements to scientists applying flow cytometry in the field of immunology or cell biology.

Gert has made, and continues to make, an enormous contribution to the discipline of flow cytometry and imaging cytometry in terms of his academic output, professional affiliations and teaching activities.

As head of the VIB Flow Core, Ghent, Gert runs an internationally renowned and state of the art research facility that develops and applies many cytometric applications to study various aspects of biology and is actively involved in research projects for allergy, asthma and cancer.  He has been working with the VIB to develop the role of Flow Manager and establish a business strategy for the facility to provide state of the art services for the long-term benefit of the VIB scientists.

Gert willingly and enthusiastically contributes to the flow cytometry community as an active member of ISAC, is currently on the Emerging Leaders program; and at meetings and conferences he chairs sessions, sits on forum panels and is an active participant in discussions. He is specifically keen and actively involved in activities to develop the cytometry community’s skills in automated analysis technics.

Chair of the RMS Flow Cytometry Section, Mr Derek Davies said: “Gert has become a hugely important figure within the Flow community, not only running a world-renowned facility but contributing in so many ways through his academic output, teaching activities, and desire to develop the skills of others. It is our great pleasure to present him with this award.”

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