Introduction to the July 2018 Journal issue

Read the introduction to the July 2018 issue of The Journal of Microscopy by the new General Editor - Prof. Pete Nellist.

It is a great honour to write this introduction as the newly appointed General Editor of the Journal.  The Journal of Microscopy is the oldest journal dedicated to the science of microscopy, having been published continuously since 1841, and it is with some trepidation that I take on the role of guiding the Journal through the next part of its existence.  I have been a practising research scientist in electron microscopy for a little over 25 years, which somewhat pales into insignificance compared to the 177 years of the Journal.  In succeeding Tony Wilson, who acted as General Editor for 18 years, I will have a tough act to follow.  I must take this opportunity to thank Tony for all he has done for the Journal.  At a recent Journal Editors’ meeting, Graham Dunn and Chris Hawes also indicated that they would like to step down after 20 and 18 years of service respectively.  Again, we are hugely indebted to them for their service.

It is hard to overstate the importance of microscopy to science – almost very field of science makes use of some form of microscopy.  Recent Nobel prize awards are indicators of the exciting developments and applications of microscopy.  In the two years that I have been a scientific editor of the Journal, I have been struck by the breadth of microscopical techniques in which exciting new developments have been reported in Journal of Microscopy papers, ranging across X-ray and electron microscopy techniques to light and scanning probe microscopies.  It is an ideal Journal to reach the widest possible audience of microscopists, and forms of key part of the Royal Microscopical Society’s work in facilitating scientific communication, along with its scientific partners in publishing the Journal, The International Society for Stereology, of the Microscopical Society of Ireland, the Polish Society for Microscopy, and the Austrian Society for Electron Microscopy, and our publishers Wiley.  The entire Journal of Microscopy team looks forward in working with authors and helping disseminate new developments in microscopy.

Prof Peter Nellist, Journal of Microscopy General Editor


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