Inverness Science Festival 2015

The RMS Outreach Team took part in the huge Family Day that was part of this Scottish Festival.

The 2015 Inverness Science Festival took place from 1 - 10 May 2015 and included a huge number of events for all ages and abilities all over the city.

From examining the DNA of historic Scottish clans to the huge effect that renewable energy and low-carbon technologies will have on our future, there was something for everyone, and on Saturday 9th May, the RMS Outreach Team travelled to Scotland to be a part of their huge Family Day, attracting over 1,500 people.

Visitors were able to take a much closer look at everyday items such as bugs, sand and poppy seeds under the microscope and were astounded at the huge difference before their eyes. With a Microscope Activity Kit on hand, we had plenty of microscopes and a variety of samples available to entertain the crowd of people that gathered at the stand thanks to the wows and gasps as the tiny detail of a fly's wing came into focus.

The RMS at the Inverness Science Festival 2015


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