Israel Society for Microscopy (ISM) launches its first virtual art exhibition

More than 100 pieces of art available to view in exciting virtual reality format

The Israel Society for Microscopy (ISM) is celebrating the start of 2021 by launching its first virtual art exhibition.

The display, which includes both microscope micrographs and paintings, originates from the eyes of researchers using a variety of microscopical methods.

With deep exploration into the materials and methods, the exhibition sheds light on the physical-biological concepts behind the scientific work, as well as some aspects of microscope history.

Available to view here, it features the work of more than 40 contributors, and over 100 art pieces from all academic institutes in Israel. ‘Visitors’ explore the gallery in virtual reality format, taking in the artwork from all distances and angles.

The exhibition was initiated and curated by Zahava Barkay of Tel Aviv University.

Find out more and view the exhibition

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