Judith Mantell announced as winner of RMS Vice Presidents’ Award

Senior Electron Microscopist to receive award for Microscopy Research and Laboratory Support

The RMS is very pleased to announce Judith Mantell as winner of the 2021 RMS Vice Presidents’ Award.

Judith is a well-known and respected figure in the UK EM community. She has been the senior electron microscopist of the Wolfson Bioimaging Facility at the University of Bristol since the establishment of the facility.

Having initially spent time with microscopy suppliers such as Philips and Oxford Instruments, she joined the facility in 2007 and was instrumental in the set-up of the new EM unit, together with Paul Verkade.

Colleagues have praised Judith for her patience and dedication in keeping the EM unit afloat, and for her expert knowledge as a teacher – qualities she has also deployed to great effect on RMS courses, and as a member of the organising committee of the Cryo Microscopy Group. 

During her time at Bristol, she has helped establish the EM unit as a highly regarded facility, introducing new techniques such as STEM tomography and cryo SEM. She has been an author on more than 50 research papers, for which the EM provided by Judith has often been the critical piece of evidence lifting the impact of the research.

In 2016, Bristol was awarded a Wellcome grant to set up a new dedicated cryo EM facility.
Selflessly, Judith was instrumental in the design, installation, and initial running of the facility – despite the fact she would not be directly involved going forward.

RMS Vice Presidents Dr Peter O’Toole and Professor Susan Anderson said: “It is our great pleasure to announce Judith Mantell as winner of this award, which celebrates the achievements of the ‘unsung heroes’ of microscopy. Judith is quite evidently a major asset to her facility and all those that she has helped and taught both internally and external to Bristol.

"Her expertise has not only elevated the quality of research being carried out, but also continues to earn the respect of colleagues across the EM community. We are delighted to be able to take this opportunity to acknowledge these often unseen efforts.”


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