Kevin Whitley receives his 2020/21 RMS Early Career Award

RMS Early Career Committee Chair Liam Rooney catches up with Kevin to present award in person

RMS Early Career Award-winner Kevin Whitley has received his award in person from EC Committee Chair Liam Rooney.

Under normal circumstances Kevin would have been presented with the award at mmc2021, but the event had to be held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Kevin still gave a special talk as part of the mmc Early Career Symposium.

Liam said: "It was a pleasure to finally meet Kevin and present him with the 2020/21 RMS Early Career Award on behalf of the RMS. Congratulations Kevin, and well done."

Kevin began his post-doc in 2017, sharing his time between the groups of Cees Dekker (at TU Delft, Netherlands) and Séamus Holden (Newcastle University, UK). The idea for his project was to combine the expertise of both groups (nanofabrication and microfluidics from Dekker lab, bacteriology and custom high-resolution microscopy from Holden lab) to study the dynamics of the essential bacterial division protein FtsZ.

His work incorporated both nanofabrication and microscopy elements, enabling the development of a method to image bacterial division proteins in high-resolution while perturbing them rapidly with antibiotics. This approach, and other methods, has enabled the discovered key roles of the essential cytoskeletal protein FtsZ in cell division and the dynamics underlying these roles.

Find out more and check out our video of Kevin at work 

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