Whiskey buffs lap up latest microscopical discovery

Scientists from Bourbon Country discover drink’s ‘unique’ trait

Fans of American bourbon have always championed the unique characteristics of their favourite tipple, and now it seems microscopists have identified an exclusive trait shared by iconic brands such as Maker’s Mark and Jack Daniel’s – but not other whiskies.

In a study that's sure to tease the tastebuds of the world’s whiskey (and non-US 'whisky') connoisseurs, researchers from the University of Louisville in Kentucky have discovered that American bourbons leave behind signature 'web' designs after being evaporated.

Based in the heart of Bourbon Country, the team analysed popular American brands, and noted the presence of weblike residues that reflect the quality and potency of the alcohol.

It seems the webs are exclusive to American bourbons and not seen in Scotch or Canadian whiskies. A possible explanation for the phenomenon is that American whiskey is aged in new barrels, rather than the older barrels favoured by other distillation processes.

Bottoms up!

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Photo by Joost Crop on Unsplash

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