Dr Marty Jopson announced as winner of 2021 Chris Hawes Award for Outreach and Education

TV presenter, stage performer and author has helped bring science to the public for 30 years

The RMS is delighted to announce Dr Marty Jopson as the 2021 recipient of the Chris Hawes Award for Outreach and Education. 

Marty studied Natural Sciences (Botany) at Cambridge University and completed a PhD in plant cell biology at the John Innes Institute in Norwich. He has worked in science television for more than 20 years, behind the camera as a researcher, prop builder, director, producer, executive and company manager. His career as a presenter spans the last 10 years as the science reporter on the BBC1 flagship programme, The One Show. 

Marty has spent much of his time on stage performing at science festivals around the country and to audiences at prestigious venues like the Royal Institution, Cheltenham Science Festival, Edinburgh International Science Festival and BIG Bang Fair at the NEC - to name but a few. He is also the author of three science-themed books.

Since May 2018, Marty has been doing shows specifically on microscopy, as part of his role as an ambassador for Zeiss. To date, around 32,000 people have attended these performances in person, and more than 90,000 have watched online.

At mmc2019, Marty lit up the conference programme with an inspiring talk about science communication and the importance of bringing science to the general public in an engaging way.

RMS Honorary Secretary Education Kerry Thompson said: “Anyone who has seen Marty in action - whether on the television, conference platform or theatre stage - cannot help but be struck by his infectious enthusiasm for science and microscopy. He is a true advocate for science as a whole, and has inspired people of all ages to take a keener interest in the subject. I am delighted to announce Marty as the winner of this year’s Chris Hawes Award for Outreach and Education.”

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