mmc2021: Virtual Exhibition takes shape

More than 40 companies already signed up for online event

The Virtual Exhibition at mmc2021 is firmly taking shape with more than 40 Sponsors / Exhibitors signed up to the event so far.

Companies from all over the world will be taking part, including Hitachi High-Tech Europe, JEOL (UK) Ltd, Leica Microsystems (UK) Ltd, Mitenyi Biotec, Nikon UK Ltd, Oxford Instruments, TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, Thermo Fisher Scientific, ZEISS and many more.

View the full list of Sponsors and find out more about Europe's biggest virtual exhibition in microscopy.

'Technical Showcases' and Commercial Workshops

We also have no fewer than 26 'technical showcases' lined up as part of the Conference programme. These are five-minute presentations carried out by the sponsors, enabling them to bring live/pre-recorded demonstrations directly to delegates.

Meanwhile there are now 47 free to attend commercial workshops confirmed, to run in parallel with the conference sessions in the mornings and afternoons, and in their own dedicated session before and after the lunch breaks.

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