Exciting projects get underway for new RMS diploma students

Challenging areas of study taken on by latest successful candidates

A pair of new RMS diploma students are set to embark on exciting projects to sharpen their skills and enhance their understanding of microscopy.

The latest successful candidates for the diploma are Adam Costin (University of Oxford) and Maria Conejero Moreno (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew).

Their areas of study are as follows:

  • Adam Costin: Testing, optimising and implementing cryo-sample preparation and imaging techniques to optimise sample quality and acquisition efficiency in single particle analysis
  • Maria Conejero Moreno: Comparative 3D imaging of gene expression in Arabidopsis

About the RMS Diploma

The RMS Diploma is suitable for those using microscopy or cytometry as part of their career. It is attained via a flexible portfolio-based course of study that is designed by the candidate with the assistance of their line-manager, and with input from existing Fellows of the Society.

This approach ensures that the study is both challenging and rewarding whilst fitting with, and complementing, the candidate's existing employment. The Diploma is only open to members of the RMS.

It takes around two years to successfully complete a project, during which time the candidate will increase their skills and enhance their understanding of microscopy by developing or optimising protocols or applications.

To find out more visit our Diploma page and read through the study guide. To apply, fill in the study proposal form.


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