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Standard and Super-Resolution Bioimaging Data Analysis: A Primer by Ann Wheeler and Ricardo Henriques is published today

A comprehensive guide to the art and science of bioimaging data acquisition, processing and analysis

Standard and Super-Resolution Bioimaging Data Analysis gets newcomers to bioimage data analysis quickly up to speed on the mathematics, statistics, computing hardware and acquisition technologies required to correctly process and document data.

The past quarter century has seen remarkable progress in the field of light microscopy for biomedical science, with new imaging technologies coming on the market at an almost annual basis. Most of the data generated by these systems is image-based, and there is a significant increase in the content and throughput of these imaging systems. This, in turn, has resulted in a shift in the literature on biomedical research from descriptive to highly-quantitative. Standard and Super-Resolution Bioimaging Data Analysis satisfies the demand among students and research scientists for introductory guides to the tools for parsing and processing image data. Extremely well illustrated and including numerous examples, it clearly and accessibly explains what image data is and how to process and document it, as well as the current resources and standards in the field.

  • A comprehensive guide to the tools for parsing and processing image data and the resources and industry standards for the biological and biomedical sciences
  • Takes a practical approach to image analysis to assist scientists in ensuring scientific data are robust and reliable
  • Covers fundamental principles in such a way as to give beginners a sound scientific base upon which to build
  • Ideally suited for advanced students having only limited knowledge of the mathematics, statistics and computing required for image data analysis

An entry-level text written for students and practitioners in the bioscience community, Standard and Super-ResolutionBioimaging Data Analysis de-mythologises the vast array of image analysis modalities which have come online over the past decade while schooling beginners in bioimaging principles, mathematics, technologies and standards. 

Available now from Wiley Online

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