Winners of Outstanding Paper Award 2019 announced by EMS

Authors chosen from more than 20 nominated papers across three categories

The winners of the European Microscopy Society (EMS) Outstanding Paper Award for 2019 have been revealed.

The competition’s Jury examined a total of 24 high quality papers nominated by EMS members, selecting three as award winners in the following categories:

  • Instrumentation and Technique Development
  • Materials Sciences
  • Life Sciences

The winning authors were as follows:

Instrumentation and Technique Development: F. S. Hage, D. M. Kepaptsoglou, Q. M. Ramasse, and L. J. Allen, Physical Review Letters, 122, 016103 (2019), “Phonon Spectroscopy at Atomic Resolution”.

Materials Sciences: Cédric Barroo*, Zhu-Jun Wang*, Robert Schlögl and Marc-Georg Willinger*, Nature Catalysis 3, 30–39 (2020) [published online 2019].  “Imaging the dynamics of catalyzed surface reactions by in situ scanning electron microscopy”

Life Sciences: Cs. Cserép*, B. Pósfai*, Ni. Lénárt, R. Fekete, Zs. I. László, Zso.Lele, B. Orsolits, Gá. Molnár, St. Heindl, A. D. Schwarcz, K. Ujvári, Zs. Környei, K. Tóth, E. Szabadits, B. Sperlágh, M. Baranyi, L. Csiba, T. Hortobágyi, Zs. Maglóczky, Be. Martinecz, G. Szabó, F. Erdélyi, R. Szipőcs, Mi. M. Tamkun, Be. Gesierich, Ma. Duering, I. Katona, A. Liesz, G. Tamás, Á. Dénes, Science 367, 528-537 (2020), “Microglia monitor and protect neuronal function via specialized somatic purinergic junctions”.

* Joint first authors.

The first authors of these papers will receive a mention of their award during the virtual General Assembly meeting in August 27, 2020.

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