Quantitative Analysis of Grain Size Course

Registration is now open for this one day course

Our Quantitative Analysis of Grain Size Course is returning on Wednesday 14 March and will take place at the AMRC in Sheffield

Aimed at materials scientists who regularly measure grain size, the course will guide you on to how to use the correct method to determine grain size and properly interpret the results. This course will be focus on sample preparation, microscopy, manual and automatic grain size measurement.
You will go back to your workplace with an improved understanding of the correct techniques involved in obtaining reliable Grain Size determination. This course will appeal to metallurgists in industry and manufacturing companies across a wide range of skill levels.

To give you the understanding and confidence to make the correct decision on grain size, taking into consideration limitations and methods involved, the day will be split into 5 sessions:

  • Session 1 will consider the sectioning of materials and surface preparation, why Grain Size determination is important in materials, standards and their application to specific materials, the importance of correct metallurgical sample preparation and etching techniques for a range of materials.
  • Session 2 is a practical session and will allow hands-on measurement of example microstructures using a range of techniques including the statistical analysis of data gained. Methods will include measurement by hand using linear intercept, planametric, ASTM Standards and comparison methods.
  • Session 3 will consider automated measurements including the analysis of more complex microstructures and how they relate to manual methods. Digital image analysis, single phase, multiphase and magnification effects.
  • Session 4 will look at the optical microscopy requirements. Namely correct Koehler setup, mounting the sample, inverted compared to upright microscope, connecting cameras, c-mounts and magnification.
  • Session 5 is a practical session allowing participants to see a range of samples with the opportunity to measure their own samples with guidance from tutors. 

Registration for the course is now open. You can register and find out more on the Quantitative Analysis of Grain Size course page.
Spaces for the course are limited due to equipment so we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

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