RMS Flow Cytometry Facilities Meeting

Our brand new meeting for anyone working in a flow cytometry facility

Following on from the success of our LM Facility Managers meeting and EM-UK, it seemed only fitting that we should extend these meetings to those working on flow cytometry.

Taking place in January, this new meeting is aimed at any facility staff, not just managers, and is a great opportunity to share and discuss your experiences of working in a core facility.  Discussions will encompass how you address key organisational issues, the software you use and new equipment to the market.

Led by Dr Peter O’Toole and home to the 2016 RMS Flow Cytometry Medal winner Dr Karen Hogg, co-organisers of the annual RMS Flow Cytometry course, the Imaging & Cytometry labs at the University of York will be the first hosts of this event from 10-11 January 2018.

The facility meetings allow both academic and commercial cytometrists to sit together in talks and to continue discussions over coffee and lunch breaks as attendees rather than as delegates and exhibitors, creating a truly open forum and a chance to gain a greater understanding of how equipment and software can be used in the most beneficial way to the research currently being undertaken.

There are still TechnoBite slots available for commercial delegates to present their products during the programme. The draft programme and registration for both commercial and academic delegates is now open. Find out more on the Flow Cytometry Facilities Meeting page.

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