RMS Summer Studentships 2021 revealed

Six successful applicants preparing to take on microscopy-themed summer projects

The RMS is delighted to reveal its six successful applicants for Summer Studentship projects this year.

The students will receive up to £2000 each to cover living expenses and laboratory/experimental costs during their projects.

RMS Studentships are offered each year, split evenly between physical sciences, biological sciences and interdisciplinary projects.

Each student is asked to complete a report for publication in infocus Magazine.

The following students will be undertaking projects this summer:




Host Institution

Elene Lominadze

Alex Corbett

University of Exeter

Mollie Brown

Gail McConnell

University of Strathclyde

Chiara Argenti

Izzy Jayasinghe

University of Sheffield

Jade Manning

Kenton Arkill

University of Nottingham

Barbara Altenhuber

Rene Frank

University of Leeds

Jack Pearce

Julia Parker

Diamond Light Source

In addition, one Summer Studentship has been carried over from last year: Mostin Hu, University of St Andrews; supervisor John Lucocq

Find out more about RMS Summer Studentships  including recent recipients and their projects.

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