Students' Summer Projects Given RMS Funding Boost

Successful applicants for 2019 Summer Studentships have now been confirmed!

A group of six students are set to embark on exciting microscopy-related projects with funding from the RMS 2019 Summer Studentships scheme.

The successful undergraduates will benefit from up to £2,000 each to cover living and laboratory/experimental costs while they carry out their work in the coming months.

All the projects will include a significant microscopy component, with an even spread across the physical sciences, biological sciences and interdisciplinary activities.

The students will work alongside their university supervisors who applied for the funding on their behalf.

The successful applicants are as follows:

Applicant Name

Student Name

Host Institution

Kislon Voitchovsky

Charlie Sweeting

Durham University

Paul Verkade

Benjamin Hicks

University of Bristol

Rachel Oliver

Ella Comish

University of Cambridge

Sonia Contera

Renat Karimov

University of Oxford

Katherine Helliwell

Joshua Downe

The Marine Biological Association

Natasha Stephen

Megan Hammett

University of Plymouth

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