EMAG2020: Submit your abstract

This year's theme: Microscopy Enabled by Direct Electron Detection

Abstract submission is now open for EMAG2020, which takes place in Glasgow from 6-8 July.

The conference will show-case the modelling, development, use and analysis of direct electron detectors within electron microscopy. Distinguished speakers will present snap-shots of the opportunities enabled by a new generation of pixellated electron detectors, alongside oral presentations and lively poster sessions. Prizes will be awarded for the best student contributions.

Alongside the conference programme, there will be a table-top trade exhibition featuring some of the largest manufacturers of electron microscopes and related technologies.

The Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group conferences bring together the UK electron microscopy, materials and physical sciences communities within an international context.

They have established a reputation for providing a vibrant snapshot of the ‘state of the art’ in electron microscopy and its application since the inaugural gathering in 1946. EMAG conferences are valued in particular for providing a platform for students to present their work alongside more established researchers.

This year’s theme, Microscopy Enabled by Direct Electron Detection, is intended to capture the tremendous new science now being enabled by modern detector technologies. It is fitting that a conference focused on improved technologies and methodologies for seeing the world should be timed for the year 2020, a number that is synonymous with perfect vision.

The conference will be held within the palatial surrounds of the The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, with an opening reception at The Lighthouse, a masterpiece of world-renowned local architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

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