Professor Susan Anderson awarded the RMS President's Medal

Susan has made exceptional contributions to the society.

At the Royal Microscopical Society (RMS) AGM at The Royal Society on 28 September 2018, Professor Susan Anderson was presented with a surprise President’s Medal!

Susan stepped down from the post of RMS Honorary Secretary for Outreach and Education after 9 years.  She made exceptional contributions to the Society through her work in this role. It is through her idea and efforts that the Microscopy Activity Kits scheme has been brought to fruition and has become highly successful, reaching over 80,000 children since its inception. This is a fantastic achievement and has been largely driven by Susan’s contributions and efforts.

In addition, she made great strides in pushing forward and developing the Diploma scheme, alongside the introduction of the successful Summer Studentship scheme. 

In her role as Chair of the Outreach section, and in her role as Honorary Secretary for Outreach, she also made important contributions towards the development of RMS strategy for Outreach within the Society.  Her efforts have been key to making the RMS visible in the ‘Outreach’ arena, and she has given up much time and effort in order to drive this forward.

Congratulations Susan!


Allison Winton

Chief Executive

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