The Ernst Ruska Prize 2019

Nominate a candidate for the Ernst-Ruska-Prize 2019.

The German Society for Electron Microscopy is now inviting nominations for the Ernst-Ruska-Prize.

Last awarded to Prof. Sandra van Aert and Dr Radostin Danev, the Ernst Ruska Prize is awarded to young scientists pioneering new electron microscopy techniques. This can range from innovative instrumentation to novel methods of basic and general interest.

Decisions are made by an independent committee and the prize includes a certificate, financial award and the opportunity to give the Ernst-Ruska Distinguished Lecture at the Ceremony of Awards which will take place at MC2019 in Berlin. If a group of authors receives the award, they will be awarded jointly

Nominations should be submitted to Prof Thomas Mueller-Reichert by the 30th November, 2018.

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