Volunteer for mentoring scheme to help disadvantaged youngsters achieve in STEM

Could you share your valuable insights this summer?

An organisation which helps young people reach their potential in STEM is looking for volunteers to deliver mentoring sessions for disadvantaged 16-18-year-olds this summer.

In2scienceUK is seeking science, technology, engineering and maths professionals and researchers to deliver two, 45-minute sessions online for small groups of young people. The aim is to provide some practical insight into the STEM sector, and boost the students’ knowledge and confidence to progress to university.

Volunteers will also host a one-day workplace visit - Covid-19 restrictions permitting. The programme will run throughout August, and no previous mentoring experience is required.

To find out more, and to volunteer to help young people reach their potential in STEM, visit www.in2scienceuk.org or email [email protected]

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